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University of Tile and Stone Certifications


How do you currently train your employees on tile and stone?

Do you spend hours teaching them about the products you offer and what each products attributes are, or do you let them pick-up knowledge as they get through each day for months, and after a year or more you now have a trained employee who has then become a valuable asset.

How simple would it be to sign up each employee to a class that would teach them the right way to sell, merchandise, install and maintain tile, and within a short time frame of less than one month they have a good understanding of the tile and stone business with a certification that you can use to further your business goals.

“The CTS certified employee hits the ground running”

Who benefits:

  • Your new employee
  • The employee who is involved in the industry but needs to get to the next level
  • The seasoned employee who needs certification
  • Your company benefits from properly trained employees who become certified in the industry and will be recognized as experts in their field. Use in your advertising strategy to the consumer, “your staff are experts who are independently trained and certified”

“The CTS certified employee is an acknowledged expert”

For one low fee we provide to your employee a learn at their own pace course to teach everything they need to know to; instantly answer customers questions or know how to find the answers online at the CTIOA and Tile Doctor Web sites.

The purpose of this course is to quickly get your employees to a level of understanding of the industry. They will feel comfortable that any question they get asked during the course of business is known to them or can be researched quickly and answered properly, making your staff the experts in their field.

Upon a successful completion of the 10 lesson course we certify each employee allowing them the satisfaction they have received an entry level certification in tile and stone.

Ceramic Tile Specialist (CTS):

  1. Types of tile – the history of – selection of tile and qualities of tile
  2. Types of stone – fabricating process - Selecting the right stone for the project
  3. Substrates
  4. Dry installations
  5. Wet installations
  6. Setting
  7. Grouting
  8. Maintenance
  9. Showroom Sales and Merchandising
  10. Final test

CTS Cost is $79.00 US per person.

Ceramic Tile Installer (CTI):

The CTI (Ceramic Tile Installer) Course is designed to assist the implementation of proper procedures for surface prep and tile installation for that individual who installs tile for a living. Prerequisites would include proof of license or business entity having to do with tile installation as well as proof of passing the CTS Course.

After passing the CTI Course the successful student will receive a Certificate stating that this individual has successfully completed the CTIOA Inc. curricula having to do with proper tile setting and surface prep, procedures for floors, baths and counter tops.

The CTI course consists of the following 4 lessons:

  1. Installation - Counter Tops
  2. Installation - Showers and Tubs
  3. Installation Knowledge
  4. CTI Final Exam

CTI Cost is $169.00 US per person.
You must have passed the CTS course prior to starting the CTI course

Ceramic & Stone Maintenance Specialist (CSMS)

The CSMS (Ceramic & Stone Maintenance Specialist) Course is designed to assist the implementation of proper maintenance and ongoing care for ceramic tile and stone. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Simply register for this course as an individual student or choose a company bulk registration for all your employees.

The CSMS course consists of the following 7 lessons:

  1. Tile & Stone care categories
  2. Tile Care
  3. Unglazed Tile
  4. Stone Care (Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Shellstone)
  5. Stone Care (Granite, Slate, Quartzite, Sandstone, Adoquin)
  6. Synthetic Stone.
  7. Grout Care (Final)

CSMS Cost is $49.00 US per person.


4 pack certification for CTIOA Field Reports.

  1. Bio-organic Growth - FR 2002-6-13
  2. Concrete Tiles - FR 2006-5-23
  3. Floor Crack Isolation Membranes - 2007-6-24
  4. Direct Bond Thin Set method Glass Mosaic Tile Over Exterior and Interior Portland Cement Mortar Beds & Cementitious Board Units (CBU) - FR 2002-4-25

CTIOA Field Reports is $49.00 -

The industry’s best education is closer than ever at the
University of Tile and Stone

You receive all training online; a certificate is mailed upon completion of final test with passing grade from The Tile and Stone University and the CTIOA, designating the CTS, CTI, CSMS certifications with the students name and date of completion.